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Jade Bonsai (Saree)
Pradnya Kamat (Pune, IN)

This is the first time ever I have tried shopping with Golghar !! And believe me it has been a fabulous experience receiving this beautiful piece of handloom!! I was initially skeptical about the product, however I am truly amazed with the color, texture ,fabric and finishing!! I am truly grateful to the artisans who have weaved this saree for me !! God bless you all !! I would also like to appreciate the beautiful way the saree has been packed.

Thank you once again Golghar for all the efforts in keeping the handloom industry in our country alive and ongoing!!

Look forward to shop from you in time to come !!..
Thank you !!

Namaste Pradnya Ji. First of all, thank you for writing such a fantastic and nicely worded review for our product and service. Believe us, words like these urge us to do more for you and make your experience with us even more worthwhile. Customer is God for us, and we feel delighted and pure by your blessings upon us. Weavers of Banaras thank you too with folded hands for your pious words and blessings. We look forward to serve you nothing but the best from Banaras.

Thank you :)

Undercover (Blouse)
Pooja Vatsa (Dehradun, IN)
Undercover blouse

Such a smart piece ..... I felt like a totally different person as it boosted my self confidence . Totally satisfied with my purchase 👍

Namaste Pooja Ji! Wow, that was so full of energy, after reading your review, even we feel so happy and warm at heart. We are so so delighted to hear it.

Thank you for your purchase and your time. Looking forward to serve you even more in future.

Rose Ring Parakeet (Saree)
Archana Sharma (Thane, IN)

Same as shown in picture

Namaste! Thank you for your review, we are glad to have met your expectations. Looking forward to serve you more in future :)

Maven (Blouse)
Usha Lakshmi (Hyderabad, IN)

Maven blouse is very beautiful ❤️. nice design. Fitting and fabric are good. Also, good response from customer care.

Namaste Usha ji. We are so happy that you like the blouse and that the fitting and fabric is up to your expectation. We are looking forward to serve you only the best of Banaras again.

Thank you :)

Super Purchase

Thanks for Beautiful saree!

Keep it Classy (Blouse)
Anjana (Kolkata, IN)
Keep it classy .. classy indeed

This is my second blouse from golghar.. cut and fit perfect..very good product

Namaste Anjana Ji. Our team is glad that you like the fitting the and the cut of our blouses, words like these make their efforts worthwhile! And thank you for frequenting our website, we wish to serve only the best of Banaras :)

Bahama Breeze (Saree)
Reena Gour (Kolkata, IN)

Bahama Breeze (Saree)

Namaste! Thank you for your review.

Snappy Tangy (Saree)
Deepak Ramchand (Mumbai, IN)

Satisfying experience

Namaste! We are glad to hear that. Thank you for shopping with us.

Jade Bonsai (Saree)
Shreyasi Dutta (Bengaluru, IN)
Great purchase!

I'm usually not a big fan of sarees, but when I saw this one online, I knew I wanted it.

I loved it and would definitely expand be collection.

Namaste! We are so happy to hear that we have been able to add a valuable asset to your collection. It looks so pretty on you and goes absolutely well on that blouse too. We love your entire ensemble . Thank you for your kind patronage :)

Saree Fall and Picot
Sugan (Chennai, IN)

Neat work good finish price also very reasonable 👍

Namaste! Quality and customer satisfaction is always our ambition. Thank you for your kind words, looking forward to serve you even more of such Banarasi delicacies.

Contour & Bronze (Saree)
Sandhya Gaikwad (Pune, IN)
Beautiful Saree

It is a very beautiful saree. Just as shown in the picture. Thank you.

Namaste! We are glad it was up to your expectations. Thank you for your kind patronage.

Jade Bonsai (Saree)
POURNIMA (Bengaluru, IN)
Loved it!

Love the colour, love the material! Totally amazing product, priced well/ Looking forward to buying more!

Namaste Pournima ji!

It is our pleasure that you liked the color and material. Looking forward to serve you more!

Go "Rouge" (Saree)
Sugan (Chennai, IN)
Amazing 🥰🥰🥰

Suberb saree no words to say I love the saree one of my best saree ...🥰service also very good packaging neat 👍
Fall picots neat work reasonable price
Over all Iam very satisfied

Namaste Sugan Ji! Words like these make us overwhelmed. We are always committed to deliver only the best to you. Thank you for your kind words ^0^

Contour & Bronze (Saree)
Rasika S (Pune, IN)
Beautiful saree!!

The saree fabric and texture is absolutely classy. Same as shown in picture. Received as expected. Thankyou Golghar!!😊

Wow, that is nice to hear! Our commitment is to always serve you exactly what is shown. We are so happy that you like it.

Thank you ^_^

Cold as Ice (Blouse)
Akshitha Koundinya (Chandigarh, IN)

The fittings wer just perfect! The cloth quality to b improved a lil... otherwise everything was perfecto!! I'm in love with the blouse nd saree❤️

Namaste! We are so happy you liked the fitting. We will definitely work on the cloth quality and strive to make it even more amazing.

Thank you :)

Rosette (Blouse)
Joyeeta Chakraborty (Kolkata, IN)
Thank you Golghar!

I am not a regular review writer on any platform but with this bunch of people I am impressed with their behavior their service and their friendly attitude. It is a pleasure to have made a purchase from them. It is a blouse and it’s SILK!

Honesty in material and hospitality in behavior. Eager to make another purchase soon!

I sincerely value my purchase with you!

@Adarsh if you are reading this... whole a hearted Thank you for your assistance throughout from purchase to resolving transaction issue to follow up until delivery...

Thank you guys


It is our sheer joy to have served you the best of Banaras, and thank you for taking out time to write the review, they really mean a lot to us. Mr. Adarsh has received your message well and he assumes such actions as his own pleasure: to keep our valuable patrons happy in every stage of our interaction.

Thank you :)

Hot Paprika (Saree)
Subha Krishnan (Chennai, IN)
Looking beautiful

Saree colour looking same in images...saree looking pretty ...

We are glad you like it. We always strive to deliver what we show. What you see is what you get :)

Photo Focus (Blouse)
Deepali Rane (Thane, IN)
Good fabric and design,brilliant color!

My only issue was that the pictures on the site didn't do justice to what was delivered in practical. The neckline seems like 10/10.5 inches but in reality is much less. I purchased since I thought it was as such. Suggestion to include measurements if possible, especially front and back neckline and blouse length.


Thank you for your honest feedback. We have looked into it and we will incorporate all these aspects in our future listings. Thank you for taking the time to write such an elaborate yet amazing review.

Classy & Fabulous (Blouse)
Deepali Rane (Mumbai, IN)
Good quality, quick delivery!

The blouses are of quality fabric. I just like my blouses to be more deeper neck than what I bought. Maybe a suggestion to add the front and back neck length in details space to enable the best choice.

Namaste Deepali Ji! We have made a note of it and will try to incorporate this in our future designs. Also, we will add these details these details as soon as possible. Thank you for your review

Black Currant (Blouse)
Vibha Vyas (Pune, IN)
Black current blouse


We are so happy that you like it. Thank you for your kind words, Vibha Ji!

Retro Black (Blouse)
Hindvi Gadhari (Mumbai, IN)

Retro Black (Blouse)

Thank you for your kind review

Contour & Bronze (Saree)
sony pathak (Kolkata, IN)
Best GolGhar

Wonderful experience, product which I received and photo that I saw while ordering is exactly the same. I strongly recommend my friends and family to shop only from GolGhar.i appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm behind this. Love you golghar.

Your love has well been received, we become very happy and excited when we get to hear such great words. Thank you for your kind appreciation, we are striving towards excellence everyday.

Rose Ring Parakeet (Saree)
Thanuja P (Delhi, IN)
An Awesome Purchase

Thank you so much, received the order it is really beautiful and the delivery was early than I thought . Nice colour and material

Thanks for your kind words, means a lot to us.

Rose Ring Parakeet (Saree)
Shilpi Reang (Imphal, IN)
1st purchase

Very good quality. Exactly as shown in the pictures. Really love the design n quality. Looking forward to buy more

Namaste Shilpi Ji! It is always are pleasure to serve you. We are so happy that you liked our most valued sarees. Eagerly waiting for another opportunity to serve you.

Soothing color

Everything is perfect in this saree...loved it .
Picture is not doing justice to the actual color..

Namaste! We are so happy that you are loving it. Thanks for your kind review